After Care

The afternoon After-Care programme runs under the supervision of Youth Development Officer, Donna Kouter who has constructed a carefully crafted day-by-day programme for the year.


The programme focuses on skills development (language, maths, life skills, motor skills) and combines different workshops and activities.


A highly popular After-Care activity is the Nal’ibali reading club which takes place on a weekly basis with more than 50 children attending. The purpose of the club is to promote literacy and to instill a love for reading amongst the children who receive booklets which they can take home to practice their reading.


The club is set-up in a very inspirational way with guidance from PRAESA and includes storytelling.

“The children are incredibly enthusiastic; they sometimes cannot wait for the next meeting and ask me if I can’t start sooner with the story.”
Donna Kouter
Donna Kouter