Arts and Crafts

The Craft Workshop started late in 2014 with the help of Michelle Berry who guided the participants in designing and producing attractive cushion covers.


The Art and Craft Studio meets every weekday afternoon to accommodate the many youngsters who wish to join. Run by Clarisa Jonas, a structured programme includes textile design and printing as well as the making of decorative items from recycled material.


These creations are either taken home as gifts or can be sold via the Barrydale Art Hotel, which is a great supporter of our endeavors. Half such income goes to the youngster who produced the work, and the other half goes towards buying new materials.


Each year the studio produces work related to the theme of this year’s Giant Puppet Show and in 2020, with the help of the Interns and others, the studio produced over 1,000 Flags of Hope which were strung up in the village in December.