Internship Program

Five youngsters who have recently completed their schooling but who have not moved on to tertiary study or employment are taken on each year for a 10 month internship stretching from March to December.


The Interns work alongside staff in all our programmes and are soon able to take on leadership roles in the crowded holiday schools.


They are required to conduct research on a given topic each year which necessitates not only reading up on the topic but also interviewing stakeholders, summarizing and presenting their findings.


They are also tasked each year with improvising a play on a theme of social concern which will tour schools. This has proved to be a highly successful venture and although the themes addressed have been serious (e.g. Teenage Pregnancy, Alcohol Abuse) the scripts have always been was full of humor and have succeeded in engaging audiences wherever they go.


The play is toured in August when schools in towns, villages and on farms up and down the R62 are visited and typically 35-40 performances are given.


After a brief break the Interns then plunge into preparations for the December Giant Puppet Show.