The Barrydale Eco Warriors are a group of conscientious local youths dedicated to protecting Barrydale’s Nature, and helping to spread awareness of the importance of taking care of the ecosystem in which humans and animals live.

On Wednesday the 23rd of December, six of the most dedicated Eco Warriors renewed their commitment to protecting Barrydale’s Nature when they received their new Eco Warrior shirts- Shirts that carry the new Eco Warriors badge, which in short time will be recognized around the village as a force for good.
In the fresh early morning air, Eco Warriors founder Reuben Hart and Net Vir Pret Director Peter Takelo led our young environmental guardians into the mountains for the prestigious ceremony which invited them to think not only of the important role they play in their community, but also the responsibility they have towards themselves to realise their dreams.
After the beautiful rock pools had received their deep thoughts, breakfast rolls were served and a fun exploration of the area commenced. Not a single scrap of litter was found in this pristine area, and if the Eco Warriors have anything to do with it, it’ll stay that way.
Look out for their new badge popping up around the village and its beautiful surrounds in 2021. When you see it you’ll be reminded that there are people among us who care enough to stand up and be counted. That, Barrydale friends, is the stuff heroes are made of.