Multi Media

Below is a selection of media that has been produced in house, by our staff and interns:

In 2020 we established a multi-media department that deals with the recording and editing of Audio and Video.
With the coronavirus affecting the way we could communicate with the world, we started the program to record, edit and distribute digital media, at the same time giving our interns practical skills in the digital media workflow, and experience in the production of digital media. 

What a wonderful world - 2021

The 2021 Barrydale Puppet Parade and Performance centres on a family living in Barrydale and the connection a young woman has with an ancient indigenous tree, Old Gwarrie, as well as with the wonderful world she calls home.

Sudonia Kouter (Net vir Pret) articulates how the protagonist Candice “uses her voice to address the wrongs because no wonderful world is without those forces threatening its very existence. In the end, as with every message of hope, we all just want to have a place, preferably under the shade of a wise old soul, such as our wonderful Gwarrie tree, where we can be together, united as one.”

Feature Film – Written and directed by Sudonia Kouter.

Center for Humanities Research @ UWC article: 

Selanvor – Die Virus

This  poetic composition was created by Selanvor Platjies, a 22 year old poet and music artist from Barrydale who has been working with Net vir Pret as an intern since 2017 as well as receiving an artistic internship at Net vir Pret funded by The Centre for Humanities Research @UWC since 2019. The song was inspired by a request made to Selanvor (who is fast becoming one of Barrydale’s celebrated young artists) from residents of the village, to create an artistic response to the virus and the time we are in now.  

Re-boot Eden 2020

Below is the media produced by the Net vir Pret media department for Re-boot Eden 2020:

Every year for the past 10 years, Net vir Pret in collaboration with the Handspring Puppet Trust and the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC have staged a giant puppet parade, followed by a theatrical production.

With Covid in 2020 we had to change from a public event, to pre-recorded presentations.

This gave us the opportunity to do 4 separate small shows, and allow our interns to learn how to stage a production for the small screen. 

Booi’s Soul Searching Adventures

Performed on site at Rooikamp, Barrydale 

Written and directed by Peter Takelo with Julio Malan Puppetry directed by Luyanda Nogodlwana

Produced in partnership with the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC.

Die Voetpad Van Die Vrou 

Performed on site at The Huisrivier, Barrydale 

Written and Directed by Sudonia Kouter With Samentha Takelo and Sylvinia Jambo Puppetry Directed by Siphokazi Mpofu

Produced in partnership with the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC.


Performed on site at Rooikamp, Barrydale 

Written and Directed by Angelo Endley with Nicole Kortje Puppetry Directed by Sipho Ngxola

Produced in partnership with the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC.

Protect the Redfin 

Performed at the Huisrivier, Barrydale 

Director: Selanvor Platjies

Assistant directors: Hazlin Fortuin, Dylan Hess and Gabriel Buis

Performance Mentor: Jane Taylor

Original Puppet Design: Ukwanda Puppet Company

Produced in partnership with the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC.

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